What Goes On Inside An Electronic Cigarette?

What Goes On Inside An Electronic Cigarette?

Smoking is not allowed in restaurants and public places, but you feel like you really want to take a puff… what do you do? For most people, the healthier alternative/ choice are electronic cigarettes. Also known as e-cigs, e-cigarettes, or smokeless cigarettes, these are an alternative way of nicotine consumption minus the addictive and harmful chemicals present in tobacco.
The fact that they are designed to simulate traditional cigarettes means they offer the same feel good smoking effect minus the toxic chemicals. They contain no tobacco, you do not need any match to light it, and they do not produce any flame at all.

e-cigarettes on the rise - how do they work?

e-cigarettes on the rise – how do they work?

What exactly is an E-cig?
This is an electronic device designed to convert liquid nicotine, commonly referred to as e-liquid, into a vapor, or mist, that the e-smoker inhales. Because it is vapor being produced, it means there is no ash, no fire and no smoky, chocking smell that remains behind months after you have smoked.
History of Electronic Cigarettes
These devices came into being after a Chinese Pharmacist, Hon Lik, introduced it to the market in 2003. Today, it is being manufactured by companies all over the world and is being sold to consumers, especially those looking to avoid tar, carbon monoxide, and tobacco found in traditional cigarettes. This justifies the huge popularity of electronic cigarettes.
How an E-cig Works – what Goes on inside an electronic Cigarette
These devices are battery powered and will often contain the e-liquid nicotine. Once you inhale on the business end of your device, the e-liquid is drawn into an atomizing chamber. The liquid is heated inside the chamber, and turned into a vapor. It is this vapor that is inhaled the same way one inhales smoke from a traditional cigarette. A tiny electric light will flicker on the other end of the device when you start inhaling. This light simulates normal, traditional cigarette, minus of course the harmful ingredients present in it.
The vapor does not smell of smoke, unless the e-liquid is flavored which means it will leave behind the good taste. You will need to replace your cartridges on a regular basis. A single cartridge comes equipped with nicotine equal to around that found in 40 traditional cigarettes, hence the huge savings.
What Using an Electronic Cigarette Entails
When you light a normal cigarette, the tobacco will definitely burn, thus releasing smoke that contains nicotine. You will have to breathe in the smoke so as to ensure the nicotine is deposited into your lungs, and you are able to quench your nicotine thirst. When it comes to an electronic cigarette, you do not rely on the combustion process. Rather, the e-liquid is heat and converted into vapor immediately and inhaled. You can device to inhale directly from the cartridge so you can start the process of vaporization or mist formation, or you can opt for a manual switch powered device that will automatically activate the vaporizer within the device.
Components of an E-cigarette
While e-cigarettes come with so many accessories, it has three major components that must be present for the process to be complete.

•     A cartridge
•     A vaporization chamber
•     A rechargeable lithium battery

The battery powers the device and is rechargeable with a charger that looks more or less like that of your cell phone. You connect the battery to the vaporization chamber, a hollow tube that contains the atomizer and all electronic controls necessary for the creation of vapor or mist. Before activating your device, you will have to attach your cartridge that has the e-liquid into the vaporization chamber. You will use the tip of your cartridge as your electronic cigarette mouth piece.
It is the inhalation process that activates the atomizer to facilitate heating up of the liquid and converting it into vapor. When you inhale the vapor via the mouthpiece deposits the nicotine directly into your lungs and you get to exhale a vapor that resembles a cloud of cigarette smoke.
With that being said, those who have used e-cigarettes report a great and unrivaled experience, especially because it creates the same sensation as that created by smoking a traditional cigarette i.e. holding the device in the hands, and the inhalation and exhalation process.